Sue Kelley

I believe you do not grow old; you become old by not growing. That's why I volunteer for several charitable causes; eat a healthy diet and exercise regularly; maintain strong friendships with young and old alike; engage in intellectual activities; and recognize the importance of nurturing my spiritual self.

I volunteer for Meals on Wheels, Habitat for Humanity and my church. I'm a "grandma" to almost 30 children I know through friends and family. I still maintain friendships from nursing school. I eat healthy foods and take supplements. I'm passionate about bike riding, and I cross-country ski and swim, too. I love music and belong to two choirs. I practice yoga, Tai Chi and meditation. I challenge myself to do things that may be uncomfortable, such as driving to a new location.

A beautiful mind continues to grow with learning and good care.

Fun fact: Sue's home state of Ohio is ranked near the top third of brain-healthiest states, with an America's Brain Health Index ranking of No. 35.

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