2011 Beautiful Minds

The 2011 Most Beautiful Minds in America

life'sDHA and the National Center for Creative Aging invited adults 55 and older to submit an essay or video describing what they are doing to keep their minds beautiful.

Americans were then invited to view the semifinalists' entries and vote for their favorites. In all, 11 individuals were selected as the most beautiful minds in America, with one individual named the "People's Choice" from the voting process.

The Beautiful Minds' inspiring stories are featured here and are also included in a photo essay exhibit that will travel the country through 2012. In addition, each winner received $500 to donate to the charity of his or her choice.

2011 People's Choice Winner

Sue, People's Choice Winner

Americans selected Sue Kelley, 72, of Olmsted Township, Ohio as the 2011 People's Choice. Sue is a shining example of someone who incorporates simple daily actions known as the four dimensions of brain health into her daily life — diet and nutrition, physical health, mental health and social well-being.

In addition to being named the People's Choice winner, Sue's home state of Ohio is ranked among the top one-third brain-healthiest states in the nation, according to the 2011 America's Brain Health Index.

Meet Sue Kelley

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