2014 Beautiful Minds

The 2014 Most Beautiful Minds in America

The National Center for Creative Aging and life'sDHA created the Beautiful Minds: Finding Your Lifelong Potential campaign to showcase the importance of maintaining healthier minds. The nine Beautiful Minds have stories of accomplishment, creativity and reinvention in the second half of life, and have maintained healthy lifestyles that fulfill the four dimensions of brain health.

Adults 55 and over were invited to submit an essay describing what they are doing to keep their minds beautiful. Nine individuals, ranging in age from 58 to 90, were chosen as the 2014 Beautiful Minds.

The Beautiful Minds’ inspiring stories are featured here and are also included in a photo essay exhibit that recognizes and honors “the most beautiful minds in America.” The exhibit will travel the country throughout the year. In addition, each of the 2014 Beautiful Minds received $100 to donate to the charity of his or her choice.

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