Carol Siegel

I love tackling new artistic challenges. Drawing from my career as a professional photographer, I now teach art and poetry workshops at adult day care centers.

After a satisfying career that included teaching photography to young people, I decided to pursue my passion of enabling people to express themselves through art. At 55 I returned to school, where I earned a master’s degree in expressive therapies.

Currently I’m a teaching artist at Arts for the Aging, an organization that provides arts and engagement programs to people in nursing homes and adult day care centers. I’ve had wonderful experiences teaching art and poetry workshops to these seniors, including taking them to see an anniversary showing of one of my earlier photography exhibits at the Alexandria Black History Museum.

There is an art to living a full and gratifying life. I feed my mind by helping others discover the joys of artistic expression. I feed my body by eating nutritious foods. I stay active by practicing yoga five times a week, swimming twice a week and walking my dog.

Fun fact: Word has it that Carol is among the majority of Virginia residents who strive for better brain health. The state is ranked No. 18 on America’s Brain Health Index.

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