The Science of Algal DHA

Numerous scientific studies confirm that everyone, from infants to adults, benefits from an adequate supply of DHA in the diet. Yet, despite its importance, most Americans seldom get enough DHA from the foods they eat. And, although the human body can make a limited amount of DHA, a long-chain fatty acid, from alpha-linolenic acid, ALA, a shorter-chain fatty acid, this process is inefficient.

As awareness of the importance of DHA grows, more attention is being paid to the fact that the average American diet does not contain healthy levels of DHA. In fact, the typical American diet contains less than 100mg DHA/day. Fortunately, a growing understanding of the dietary sources of DHA is making it easier for people of all ages to include this important nutrient in their diets.

life'sDHA is a sustainable and vegetarian source of algal DHA omega-3 important for brain, heart and eye health throughout life, for use in foods, beverages, infant formula, and supplements.

life'sDHA in Supplements

The average American consumes less than 100 mg of DHA daily.

With increasing awareness on the importance of DHA, many people may realize that they need to make a change to their diet by adding DHA-rich foods or supplements.

The Science

Beautiful Minds: A Scientific Assessment of Brain Health

While the brain may shrink as you age, the connections within the brain grow when the brain is exposed to a stimulating environment. Interestingly, these connections tend to increase between one’s early 50s and late 70s.

Click here for the most recent scientific research from the National Institutes of Health’s State-of-the-Science, Alzheimer’s and Dementia Conference and recently published data as presented by the National Center for Creative Aging.

Healthcare targeted resources

There are thousands of studies evaluating the role of omega-3 fatty acids, such as DHA, in human health and nutrition. Recent research has focused on the important role of DHA in the mental and visual development and function of infants, while new research is beginning to evaluate the possible effect of DHA in reducing the risk of certain neurological disorders.

Beautiful Minds Health Impact Assessment
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